Dr. Christopher Hopkins works in the areas of music and video games.

Recent Employment

Dr. Hopkins is the head organist and director of the Youth and Spanish Music Ministries at St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Shore, NY, where in addition to coordinating with singers and instrumentalists of varying ages, he plays for weddings, funerals, school functions, and other holy days. He teaches on the adjunct music faculties of Long Island University, Suffolk County Community College, and Five Towns College. He teaches game design to middle and high school students at Long Island University and Farmingdale State College. He offers piano and voice lessons from his private studio. He works on independent video game projects as programmer and music composer.


Dr. Hopkins is a freelance composer for musical theater and video game projects. He holds a specialist certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games from Berklee College of Music. His work is available via YouTube and Soundcloud.

Live Musical Entertainment

Dr. Hopkins appears in concert in New York and Long Island through song, piano, and dance from the Great American Songbook and the Golden Age of Broadway. His most distinguished performance on piano was as the featured soloist on George Gershwin’s “Piano Concerto in F Major” with the Long Island Youth Orchestra under conductor Martin Dreiwitz.

Writing and Research

Dr. Hopkins holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Music History and Literature from Five Towns College. His dissertation titled "Chiptune Music: An Exploration of Compositional Techniques as Found in Sunsoft Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom From 1988-1992" is a landmark work in honoring the composers and their songs which defined early game music. He looks to use his findings to educate students in music theory, composition, and multimedia production.

Public Appearances

As a presenter at the 2013 Teaching with Technology Institute in Brookville, NY, Dr. Hopkins suggested blended teaching techniques in the physical and virtual classroom using sounds and music from video games. He shared his research on chiptune music as a guest lecturer at the 2015 North American Conference on Video Game Music in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gaming Industry

Dr. Hopkins is a licensed game developer for the Nintendo Wii U gaming system, currently developing games for the Wii U and mobile devices. He has interviewed game composers of yesteryear and the present, including Alberto Jose Gonzalez, Masashi Kageyama, Neil Baldwin, and Troupe Gammage. His research in game history and design is published as six video game strategy guides available from GameFAQs.com, covering games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and PC.

He has showcased original games at Indiecade East 2015 and 2016 and received accolades for his upcoming projects.