All's Fair in Love

An Original Musical

About the Musical

"All’s Fair in Love" is an original musical written by Dr. Christopher Hopkins in the Summer of 2009 which was first premiered at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. With the cooperation of the C.W. Post Music Department, the musical of two acts was brought to life with a stellar cast and crew of volunteer music majors and university musicians. It has been performed three times during its inception and completion, and has been featured on Long Island television and the internet.

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A secret affair threatens the very fabric of the Johnson family as its children Martin and Jenny discover that investigating the affair of their father leads to the discovery of many more. As the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson approaches, the siblings ally themselves to suppress the truth of their father while balancing romantic interests of their own. Inadvertently, Martin and Jenny discover what true love is through their own romances and the results that ensue when the Johnson family is confronted with the truth!


Act I
  • Overture (Instrumental)
  • Something is Awry (Martin and Jenny)
  • Welcome to My Store (Anthony)
  • Good Night Round (Martin, Jenny, Anthony, and Chorus)
  • Chopin’s Anniversary Nocturne in Eb (Instrumental)
  • Nothing Else Seems to Matter Anymore (Jenny and Martin)
  • Katherine’s Call (Katherine)
Act II
  • Entr’acte (Instrumental)
  • I Know That You Are Near (Jenny)
  • When I Look at You (Anthony and Jenny)
  • You Must Trust Me (Martin and Katherine)
  • Love I Shall Be (Katherine)
  • A Brew of Trouble (Martin and Jenny)
  • All’s Fair in Love (Sylvia, Cast, and Chorus)
  • I Love You (Mr. and Mrs. Johnson)
  • Finale (Cast)


  • All’s Fair in Love: An Original Musical
  • Book, Music, and Lyrics by Christopher Hopkins
Director and Composer - Christopher Hopkins
Cast of Characters:
  • Martin Johnson - Joseph Bebry
  • Jenny Johnson - Rachel Cruz
  • Anthony DiSalvo - Nicholas Errico
  • Sylvia - Christina Montalto
  • Katherine - Melissa Nyman
  • George Johnson - Daniel Campbell
  • Gladys Johnson - Sarah Boylan
  • Chorus Member #1 - Britlin Losee
  • Chorus Member #2 - Nicholas Carbuto
Pit Orchestra:
  • Conductor/Piano - Christopher Hopkins
  • Trumpet 1 - Angelica Fadrowski
  • Trumpet 2 - Josh Kowalski
  • Trombone - Ryan McNulty
  • French Horn - Mark Holodak
  • Flute/Clarinet - Samantha Komaroff
  • Oboe - Samantha Lecesse
  • Tenor Sax - Mike Baratelli
  • Violin - Jessica Gaglione
  • Violin - Alessandra Holmes
  • Cello/Electric Bass - Brittany Schlude
  • Drum Kit - Adriana Burtoff


All promotional materials and multimedia are under copyright. They are used with permission by Christopher Hopkins.


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Behind the Scenes

The idea behind "All’s Fair in Love" stems back to Spring 2006 when Christopher listened to an original ten minute musical composed by his brother Stephen and performed by students of Yale University. The musical was called "Life Depends on Love" and was based on Aesop’s fable of Venus and the Cat. Featuring four singers and a small pit band, the musical achieved the objectives of the Shen Musical Theater Composition Project at the university.

During Christopher’s undergraduate years in Boston College, he began construction of a full length musical. With the assistance of a trusty faculty advisor, he learned to develop the plot and characters and how to vary musical ideas. Unfortunately, the project was dropped and put aside.

As Christopher completed his Master’s degree in Music Theory and Composition at C.W. Post, he reconsidered resurrecting the full length musical project after taking graduate courses in Composition and Orchestration from Prof. Carl Strommen. A graduate thesis in composition provided him with a venue as well as an academic purpose to compose and direct an original musical.

Christopher decided to create the musical from the bottom up instead of continuing from the original musical outline. Beginning in June 2009, he sketched many of the musical’s melodies while working as a ballet accompanist at the USDAN Center for the Creative and Performing Arts. After positive reactions from the campers and the dance instructors, Christopher was confident that the musical would be a worthy endeavor.

Using the Finale music notation software for the Mac, he translated his sketches to the computer. The computer allows him to add and edit lyrics, adjust page layout, insert chord symbols, and adjust keys for the songs. With bi-weekly updates to Prof. Strommen, Christopher stayed on task, knowing that the earlier the songs are completed, the sooner the production phase could begin.

The first song to be composed was "I Love You" and the last song was "Katherine’s Call." During the summer of 2009, Christopher planned to compose a new melody every day. Having a plentiful collection of melodies from which to choose from, he added lyrics, with full awareness of the plot and the characters. He dated almost all of his sketches and scores and maintains a file with numerous revisions for each song.

The first performance of the songs in succession took place on December 1, 2009. The book, score, script, audio, website, and the lyrics are under copyright by the United States government.

Christopher began writing the script for "All’s Fair in Love" on November 11, 2009 and completed the first draft on November 23, 2009. The second draft of the script was available on December 4, 2009. The current version of the script was finalized at the last cast rehearsal on December 18, 2009.

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