We're Glad That We're Italian

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - May 14, 1959


Sung by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
Parody Lyrics to "You Oughta Be in Pictures" by Sammy Cahn
From the SHARE Boomtown charity program at the Moulin Rouge in Hollywood, May 14, 1959.
Additional Information from Tita Cahn Program on Sirius XM

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Frank: Now I hope you all won’t think that I’m chauvinistic.

Dean: I’m with him, whatever that means.

Frank: Here’s a song that completely altruistic.

Dean: I’m still with him, whatever that means.

Frank: We’ve one thing in common win or lose, win or lose,

Dean: with apologies to the Irish and the Jews,

Frank: and all them Jews!

Both: We’re glad that we’re Italian, authentic Abruzzi.

Dean: I own that lodge called Vino’s

Frank: And I’ve a hunk of Puccini.

Both: For us each night’s a thriller, Chianti flowing free.

Dean: I thought you owned a villa.

Frank: I still repeat, Puccini!

Dean: I think us rude, but chinese food,

Both: that’s strictly for Yanks. Food A-si-an, Cau-ca-si-an, that’s for Sadie banks.

Frank: Sadie banks?

Dean: Will someone pass a scallion?

Both: Which way is Sicily? We’re glad that we’re Italian, but yessiree. We’re glad that we’re Italian, that we’re two singing wops.

Frank: Don’t get racial Charlie!

Both: You’ll find us out each evening Cruising those expresso shots.

Frank: Linguini sends me reeling! Will someone pass the cheese?

Dean: I like my moo-za-rel-li.

Frank: Sprinkle mine with anchovy.

Both: We’ll both of the soil,

Dean: for olive oil,

Both: we’re (sic) always will yearn. Each dish is rare,

Dean: But Frank, I swear,

Frank: What?

Dean: I’m getting heartburn!

Frank: You want a Tum?

Both: Don’t take back our medallions,

Frank: Doo doo doo,

Both: Or sing in harmony. We’re glad that we’re Italian, yessiree!